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If At First You Don’t Suceed, Redo It Three Times

The base of the new greenhouse is six inches of pea gravel. When Dave and I were planning the greenhouse, we decided it would be nice to use some of our extra pavers to create a center work area. That way we wouldn’t be sinking in all the gravel and I would have a nice stable place to stand. I am amazingly clumsy. So asĀ  you know, my husband installed the whole greenhouse pretty much by himself but I think by the time he got to the part where the pavers needed to go in, he was over it. He put the pavers down, then realizing the floor was uneven, he dumped some more rock on top of the pavers and called it a day. Do not think for one second that I blame him. I would have done the exact same thing but of course because I didn’t participate in the building of the greenhouse, I couldn’t just leave it like that. Someone as uncoordinated as I, should not be walking around on a wet, slippery, uneven floor. So while Dave was out doing manly type chores, I decided to dig all the pavers out from under the rock and redo the floor.

I toiled. I sweated. I cussed. I used a level.

I wore my scrunchie.

After two hours of work, all I had to show was sore hands and a big pile of bricks.

If you’ve ever done any sort of home improvement project you know, using a level is harder to use than it seems. The concept is simple the execution is complicated. All directions need to be level and in six inches of gravel, I was fighting a loosing battle. I gave up; I admit it. It was Saturday and I decided that I would try again on Sunday. Not only was nothing actually level, I didn’t like how the bricks were placed. The spaces were too wide. I was afraid of sticking my heel in a crack and going ass-over-tea-kettle (a very real possibility.) And my knees hurt from crawling around on the rocks.

On Sunday, round three, we came in with a new plan. I enlisted Dave’s help and he thought he should put redwood 2×4’s down as a guide for the bricks. That sounded like a good plan to me so he got to work. I photographed and admired.

He wore his hat but I might have been wearing a scrunchie so I have no room to talk.

Then I stopped gazing at his tape measure and started working. I had the brilliant plan to flatten the ricks by using a piece of 2×4 and running it between the guide rails. I was thinking of it like cake decorating, when you scrape the extra icing but Dave says it’s an actual technique used by actual construction people. I want to know why actual construction people didn’t mention this the first time we put the floor in. I put in the bricks by myself…alright…with minimal supervision and miracle of miracles, they were even. I even adjusted the spacing between rows so it was more appropriate for someone of my level of grace.

I also got smart and borrowed a set of knee pads from Dave.

So while it’s not perfect, I’m pretty happy with our floor. I’m glad we took the time to redo it because I’m not sure I could have endured years of tripping and falling.