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Scenes From an Elementary School Garden

This is the time of year that I spend my weekends planting and by Monday, I’m so sore I can’t move. Today is one of those Mondays. My hands barely work. Instead of typing out one of the stories from our weekend of laboring at Redemption, I’m just going to post a few photos from Live Oak Elementary School’s garden. Last week we sold and donated about 35 plants to the garden. I’m sure the project director, Nesh is busy putting the plants in the ground this week, maybe she feels like I do.

I’m was excited to find out that Live Oak Elementary School has a garden. I’m sure it’s not easy to justify with budget cuts but I think it’s a very important endeavor. There are tons of studies behind it but nothing but good things happen when kids get involved in growing food.

We are proud to support projects that connect kids with their food. We like anything that unplugs our children and gets them outside connecting to their food. If you know of a non-profit garden project in need of plants, let us know, we would be happy to donate plants or other things they may need.


Seedling Sale Update

Thanks to my Sister-in-Law’s masterful marketing, the mystery seedlings are almost all sold, I’m down to tomatoes only. What was once a tragic mistake (see the story of the mystery seedlings here) has actually turned out to be kind of fun. Craigslist has brought some really fun people into our lives. I have met a few brave souls, who endured their neighbors chastising, in order to remove their front lawn and put in a vegetable garden. I have met former farmers who now live in the city. I’m about to meet a program director for a kids gardening program at a local school. I guess an entertaining story like the mystery seedling incident is bound to attract interesting people. Raising  mystery plant does take an adventurous sort of person since it’s highly unlikely that the tomatoes will be red or even a tomato, for that matter.

If I had been smart, I should have got their information and put them on a mailing list for next year. I don’t intend to grow everything as a mystery but I might grow some as mystery plants, just to keep the adventure going. If I don’t, I may not meet any more cute little boys, like the kind who decorate my sun hat with all the yellow dandelions that he can find.

A Dramatic Story

Thank you for joining us for our next episode of how the Garden Of Good and Evil turns. The story today is about mystery, intrigue and is ultimately a tale of redemption (Redemption.)

Several weeks ago, I enlisted the children’s’ help and we planted the seedlings. 1000 of them to be exact.

In order to make sure the seedlings stayed organized, I had them write down what they had planted on a diagram that had a box for every section of the tray.

First the folded the paper then they followed the lines to make the “sections” of the tray.

Then, they carefully measured out the correct number of seeds per section of the tray and lovingly planted them. Each child was responsible for at least one flat of seeds.

By the end, The Boy had given up on the tediousness of planting and had taken to scribing for his sisters as they planted. I’m honestly surprised he sat still long enough to get these photos.

When everyone was done planting, they took their seeds outside (more on the seed process later, we’re getting to the real story here) and set their seed tray diagrams on the kitchen counter. And that, my friends, was the last time those diagrams were to be seen. My husband, who never throws away anything, who’s hoarding is known across the land, threw away the diagrams. The only link to the identity of the 1000 seedlings I have, is missing. I felt horrible. Dave felt horrible. I was angry. Dave felt horrible. I complained to EVERYONE who would listen. Dave felt horrible.

All I knew was I was now saddled with 1000 seedlings of questionable parentage. For gods sake I have 17 varieties of tomatoes planted! Who in the world can tell those little guys apart? Then my sister-in-law had a brilliant plan.

Click here for the plan.

So, for all of you who were interested in seedling, I can understand if you can’t stomach mystery seedlings but if you can…have I got a deal for you. 75% off to be exact. I have 1000 mysteries. make me a deal.

Now, let’s be real here. They aren’t all mysteries. I can tell a pepper from a tomato from a watermelon. What I can’t tell is cucumbers from melons and what tomato is what (will you get yellow sausage-shaped or tiny round reds?) If you want, I can guarantee a variety types of tomatoes. I have a system for that, that Dave didn’t lose.

Have I forgiven Dave? Yes. I know it won’t happen again and he never meant any harm. (The redemption part of the story.) Besides, if I can’t sell the plants, he’s the one who will have to build more beds, which is its own special kind of punishment.

The Seedlings Are Here!

Yes, I garden in my PJ’s Why do you ask?

The spring seedlings have been started. In all honesty, I started them two weeks ago, I just haven’t had time to blog about them. By now, they are all thriving little plants. If you scroll to the top of the blog you will see a new tab called “what’s growing now,” under which is a comprehensive list of everything that will be bursting forth from my seedling trays. I have a veritable cornucopia of seedlings and this year, for the first time ever, I will be offering my seedlings for sale.

Towards the end of March, I will start offering my perfect little, organic plant babies, to the public. In all honesty, it was less of a desire to sell seedlings than a necessity. I simply got out of control with the seeds I ordered then chose to plant. I have about 1000 seedlings this year. I have no self-control.

If you’re thinking of planting veggies this year, please consider choosing some heirloom varieties from the Garden of Good and Evil.  If you’re not considering planting any veggies this year, I beg you to reconsider. There’s something for everyone in my seedling collection and I would be especially excited to help you choose a plant that’s right for you.

Chaos will be guarding the seedlings while you decide which veggies you would like to grow this year.