Yak’s Very Bad Day

I just want you to know that we didn’t get a yak yesterday. I would guess the vast majority of you are in the same boat but I’m not sure how many of you got a call that a yak would be dropped off at your house. If you did get that call, please comment below. I would love to hear your story and compare notes. 

Sometime mid-afternoon, I got a call from a friend that there was a trailer heading to my house with a yak. It was on death row for its part in the death of a horse, which appears to have died of yak induced fear. The yak’s lawyers would like you to know he was charged with manslaughter not murder, and the yak is holding that he was not responsible for what happened. Either way, the yak owners were horrified at the sudden death of the horse and my friend agreed that we would take it and slaughter it for meat. I gave instructions about moving the goats to one pasture and putting yak in the other and heard nothing else.When I got home, no yak. I called my friend and she didn’t know either so our assumption is, the yak was issued a pardon. Oh joyous day for that yak! He has been pardoned!

We are happy for the yak and sad for the horse owners. Loosing one’s riding partner suddenly is heart wrenching and our sympathies go out to the affected family. 

Until next time, love your lovies. Your time with them is finite. 

Next up is my adventures in harvesting goats. 



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