Morning In the Mouth of Madness

I’ve been sick. I don’t have that horror flu that makes you like you’re a character in that movie, “In the Mouth of Madness“, I only had a cold but it has sucked away my energy. This morning I was intending to sleep in. First I woke up to the dog yelping excitedly. I looked out the bedroom and saw the goat at the french doors. I decided to ignore it, (goats do weird things) yelled at the dog and went back to sleep. Then I woke up to the dog barking her big girl bark. I looked out my door and saw our neighbor’s sister standing in the front yard. I shuffled to the front door (maybe now I looked like a character from In the Mouth of Madness) and she apologized saying she was driving by and saw the goat on the front steps eating a 25 lb bag of carrots. Well of course. This stuff only happens when I’m trying to sleep in. I thanked her for chasing off the goat and took the now 20 lb bag of carrots in the house. I was about to go back to bed when I remembered I forgot the phone meeting I have every Friday at 9am. Oops. I’ll have to call my boss in a while and grovel but decide to call my work partner first and see what happened. We were chatting about my upcoming trip to 19 degree weather when the handy-guy pulls up. I forgot he was going to sand the drywall today. Why not, I was done resting anyway. I was just helping him tape up the plastic that will hopefully keep the drywall dust from infiltrating every part of our life when the UPS freight truck pulls up. Now I know, there is no chance of going back to sleep. The UPS guys was dropping off 1300 lbs of fencing materials which will be our new pasture soon. I had to move the cars so he could turn around in the driveway. I finally retreated to my room to rest. As I write, the dog and I are hiding the bedroom. She’s here because she’s scared of the orbital sander, I’m here because I hate the drywall dust. I suppose I should just give it up and go work in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Here’s hoping you have a peaceful day.


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