Records Keeping

Shortly after we bought the house,  I was checking the cabinets in the future laundry room, whene I found several pieces of paper taped to the inside doors. Each piece of paper was a record of what happened to and in the house. Someone had kept meticulous notes of home maintenance and major household purchases. I find the whole thing just fascinating.

This one is a hand written note about when the freezer was bought and turned on. I think the harder to see part talks about the curtains.

The next one is my favorite, for sheer entertainment value.

First it outlines in detail how much paint was used, on what day, to paint the house. Then it goes onto discuss the poisoning of the skunks. The part that’s harder to read says, “Killed skunk 1:00pm- Fri 5th of August- 1960. Skunk around all morning staggering and falling.” I find it interesting that someone found this noteworthy. I find it even more interesting that everyone else who has lived in the house since, also found it noteworthy enough keep these notes.

Here we have the original sales slip and warranty for a Packard Bell TV, from 1956. I wonder if it was their first TV or their first color TV? (Fun fact, the remote control was first offered in June of 1956. This TV did not have a remote.)

Not too far off from today’s prices!

Most of the records are from the mid-1950’s through the 1960’s but there are some notes that go through the 80’s. They are starting to show the signs of age. Being taped to a cabinet door in a damp room is not the Smithsonian-approved method of preserving records. I intend to showcase them as a quirky part of the house’s history. Maybe I’ll frame them and leave them in the laundry room, so others may wonder how the staggering skunk note made it 50 years.


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  1. Oh, you must frame them! I LOVE this kind of stuff. Knowing exactly how many gallons of paint were used and at what time of day the skunks died, it gives you a real connection to the house. And may explain strange goings on in the future. Ooooooohhh (Scary ghost noise)


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