Bathroom Tile

Long ago, when we first started searching for remodel supplies on Craigslist, I found a fabulous slipper tub with a hand shower and a pedestal sink. They were a matched set and they were lovely (and the price was lovely.) What I didn’t consider was that they were going in the hall bathroom, which is also the kids bathroom. We have a 10-year-old Boy who loves water. 10-year-old Boy + water + hand shower = disaster waiting to happen. Our solution is to tile the walls as high as we can afford.

The tile came in today and I’m so excited. The floor and first six inches up the wall will be small hexagon mosaic tile with a black flower pattern. Above that will be a black pencil liner. the next 4.5 feet will be white subway tile topped with a while tile chair rail. Everything will be grouted in a medium, warm gray color grout. Five feet of tile is pretty close to waterproof. It’s practically a submarine. Of course, 10-year-old boys were created to test statements like that.

Part of me wishes I had done another black detail. Oh well, it will be more versatile this way.


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  1. Posted by Bonnie on December 12, 2011 at 21:13

    I love it! we did the hexagonal tiles on the floor of the girls’ bath and it’s fantastic! Also the subway up the whole wall of the shower. Clean and easy. The only part I don’t like is we used carrera marble for the seat of the shower and the kids put all their lotions and potions there and it STAINS.


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