Moving Day

This title may be misleading. When I say moving day, I mean for the Prinz and Inca, not for the humans. That’s OK because I’m not willing to live in the pasture, where as they are. We had planned to move Prinz ad Inca to Redemption much earlier but Don had requested that we leave them there until after Melinda’s big birthday extravaganza and well, they had boarded the duo much longer than we had intended so leaving them there for an extra couple of weeks was the least we could do. Melinda was convinced that thy kept the deer away. I’m not sure that’s true but if it makes them happy, it makes me happy. I knew that we would need reinforcements for moving day so I asked my sister-in-law (SIL) to come with. I also had plans to shave Inca the day we moved him but that story will be told in another post.

The alpaca moving gods shined down upon us and delivered a warm but not too warm day, free of rain or pesky bugs. hen we arrived at Don’s, SIL and I got out of the truck to go catch the livestock, while Dave worked on turning the truck and trailer around. We actually had to borrow Danielle’s trailer because last time we were at Don’s with SIL’s trailer, Dave got the rig stuck. SIL and I figured on this day that he would be fine on his own with the two-horse trailer while we wrangled the animals. (Side note, Dave is actually has an amazing gift for backing trailers. I’m insanely jealous of it.) What we really thought was that it could take us a while to catch the daring duo. Prinz has days when he is just not all that interested in being haltered. Inca is down right suspicious. however, as I said, we had excellent juju that day and found Inca laying down in the stall. I yelled for SIL to shut the stall door and thus, animal number one was caught and haltered within two minutes. Prinz did a couple of laps around the paddock before he decide that he just wasn’t that interested in running, at which time he came right up to me and said he was ready to go.We had to wait for Dave to finish turning the truck around.

We loaded Prinz first since he’s a good traveler.

It must be nice to be a pony in a full size horse’s world. All of the accommodations are so roomy.

Next, we brought Inca around…

I gently encouraged him to step up…

Low and behold, he got right in!

Seriously, 15 minutes and we were in and out of there. I’ve had “trained” horses take longer to load.

When we got to Redemption, we by chance encountered out horse vet, who said she loved Prinz.

While I chatted with Dr. Baker, about who knows what (really? Do I look like that all the time?) Inca became the talk of the neighborhood.

People’s first reaction is that they had no idea alpacas were so short. I guess that was my second reaction after I was struck with the urge to squeeze him.

Of course SIL had to take Inca into the house, knowing, it was the last time that would be able to happen without seeming hillbilly-ish. What? There are no walls in the house. It’s OK to bring livestock into the house if it has no walls!

Perhaps later this week I will share the full gory details of how we shaved Inca later that day. In the meantime, be thankful that your house has walls and you don’t have to bring the animals inside.


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