One Fine Pig

Remember Charlotte’s Web? How Wilbur wows the world with his trained spider and gets to live? Well, that was a children’s book and in real life, pigs get eaten. Bacon is delicious, at least that’s what I hear. I haven’t actually haven’t eaten bacon, or any meat for over 15 years but I admit that may end soon, when this guy goes to slaughter.

This is Testify:

He enjoys long walks on the farm, rooting around in the dirt and belly scratches. He also has only one testicle. Perhaps you remember him from earlier posts. Last time I talked about him, he was a piglet. Now, he’s over 300  lbs. He was raised to eat. I don’t mean he was raised so that he may heat, I mean he was raised so that the humans may turn him into bacon.

He likes belly scratches.

When you scratch him, he sort of collapses to the ground in a heaving hulk and lays there, unabashedly enjoying the pleasure of his belly rub. Pigs are hedonists, in case you didn’t know.He lives with Kim and Andy, on a micro farm. They have several giant pigs, a sheep, a horse, some chickens, peacocks and dogs. He’s lived as goo a life as a pig can possibly live.

The problem is, I feel a connection with him. What does life look like after a vegetarian starts slaughtering animals for food? My goal is to raise meat animals that live the life that they love and are slaughtered kindly. He will have all of that, of course, but I still wonder, how much will this change who I am. Not eating meat has been a part of me for over half of my life. Raising meat animals has never been a pat of my existence. Do I now become connected to Testify? Does my life become part of a one-testicled pig’s life? Perhaps I should look to the native-american tribes who revered the animals they killed for sustenance. Maybe I will have to take on a new name. Sleeps With Cats. Wife of Scratches Ball-less Pig.

maybe I should just shut up nd enjoy the bacon and be thankful that I live in a place where I raise such an animal to feed my family.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pam on July 6, 2011 at 07:45

    I sometimes wonder the same thing about Olivia. I really love her, but that wasn’t part of the plan. Only time will tell. I do, so love me all things pork!


  2. […] of me, I can’t imagine what that person was really looking for but they found their way to the One Fine Pig entry. I hope they were not disappointed. There are in fact images of a pig enjoying his tummy […]


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