Beauty Parlor Day (Prinz’s Version)

Some animals are more inclined to like beauty parlor day than others. Prinz likes it but doesn’t love it enough to abandon all of his dignity. He seems to quietly enjoy the brushing. I took Moo and Jules out to see him and Inca before their big move to the ranch, to check on them and make sue they were ready to travel. Moo brought out her brand new, all pink (and I do mean PINK!)grooming set. We talked horse safety and grooming techniques.

Don came out to check out the scene and brought his dog DJ, who wasn’t all that interested in helping but was very interested in checking the grooming box for stray horse cookies that might have fallen out.

I wasn’t kidding when I said the grooming kit was pink. Moo brushed out Prinz’s tail with care. (Horse tails take so long to grow, we try not to break hairs when we brush them.)

Prinz is sensitive to fly, which will eat him raw if we don’t stop it. During this time of year we take extra precautions, including these adorable fly booties:

…and a cream that stops the flys from eating him raw but he hates. Here I am putting on the cream while he tries to kick me. We’re working on this.

The whole time we did this, Inca looked on in horror…

I think he knew that his turn was coming. Stay tuned for the next installment of “Beauty Parlor Day.”


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