So Many Things

There are so many things we should talk about. I’m going to try to briefly list them all here. No here. No here. Kidding. I’m really going to list them below:

  1. Our hairless cat just threw up in my fake potted plant. I just thought you needed to know.
  2. I kill all house plants and what I don’t kill, the hairless cat eats. (In case you were wondering why I would have a fake potted plant, when I have an entire farm.)
  3. The permits for the house have finally been approved. I still hate the County of Monterey and feel that they should all bite me but at least we’re one step closer to living on the farm.
  4. Dave, who is positively superhuman, dug the foundation for the addition in three days. He tried to recruit me to help but it did not go well all because…
  5. I firmly believe that the addition is not big enough. I’m concerned we do not have enough room for a bed in our master bedroom and I was really depending on getting a king size bed. Dave and the cats all want to sleep too close to me and I wake up, in a pool of sweat. (Apparently this is TMI day. I’m sorry but not sorry enough to stop.)
  6. Fin and Sheldon have moved to the ranch. After last week’s escapades, we decided we couldn’t risk them running amok in the neighborhood. They have never been more happy.
  7. Ballzy is back. Do you remember Ballzy? Of course you do, who could forget his memorable entrance into our lives. As you may remember, he was shacking up with the kids but their mother has a low tolerance for animals and has sent him back. He is spending the night at the vet’s office after having his ballzies removed. Then he’s going to the ranch where he will be an outdoor cat but may earn the privilege of being an indoor/outdoor cat, if he hunts gophers.
  8. We have had a Shredder and Mellon sighting. Shredder is the cat we think may be Ballzy’s father. He was feral, trapped in Santa Cruz, neutered and released to the ranch where the second he was able, he ran for the hills. I was pretty sure he was going to be OK since he had a lot of street cred and he was a big male. Mellon was the gorgeous Manx female who used to be a house cat until she turned evil. She also headed for the hills and to be honest, I was worried about her. She had no skills but as any girl knows, if you can’t be smart, you better be pretty. Apparently, she shacked up with the other feral, canyon cats and has been living in sin. She had not been spayed at the time that she bailed, so when she was trapped by another neighbor and taken to the SPCA for spaying, she gave birth to a litter of Manx kittens. All of this is precipitated by the neighbor who was feeding all of the feral cats, moving away. Now they’re ranging farther from the food bowl.
  9. I killed a passel of tomatoes. It was an incredibly stupid thing that I did. They were all seedlings, in three-inch pots, that were victim of a too hot greenhouse, on a day that I thought was going to be bad weather but turned out the be lovely. I still have 36 tomatoes in 15 gallon pots but I will be missing a handful of varieties. I hope it’s not all of the canning types. I really want to can a bunch of sauce this year.
  10. Dave is now a full-fledged gopher hunter. He’s right around 33% for traps set vs confirmed kills.
  11. To further tout his skills, Dave finished laying all of the irrigation line for the Garden of Good and Evil. Soon we will be able to water everything without standing there, with hose in hand, for two hours.
  12. Danielle came by last weekend to see Cholla’s grave. I was embarrassed that there is no landscaping, yet. Then I thought we maybe should have held a service. I wasn’t really sure what to do so we all sniffled, as we sat on the benches Dave made out of cut down eucalyptus. He cut the eucalyptus just so he could make furniture for Cholla.
  13. Our new bedroom might be too small. Did I mention that? Danielle offered to look at it with her designer eye but I was still in the mourning phase and wasn’t ready to seek solutions. I’m out of the mourning phase now but Danielle is already back in NYC. Maybe I should just post the house plans on the blog and take comments.
  14. More people have started commenting on the blog and I really like that. I can see that a fair amount of people check it everyday but I’m not sure who my primary audience is. If you want more or less of a topic, you should raise up your voice!
  15. And last but not least, I posted this on the Redemption Farms Facebook page but if you don’t Facebook you wouldn’t have seen it. I feel this is important enough that everyone should know….

I have a new-found respect for Jamie Oliver, who up until his new show, I found him to be a bit of an annoying, punkish youth.

And that’s all she wrote, folks, for tonight anyway. Have no fear, the semester is almost over and I can go back to spending my Mondays loading up posts for the week ahead. There are many photos that you will want to be privy to, many yarns to spin and tails to tell. Er, tales to tell. No maybe I was right the first time, tails to tell.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Pam on May 26, 2011 at 11:37

    I love your topics just as they are! Your honesty and sense of humor (which is so like mine that I find myself laughing out loud when I read you!) keep me checking for more every day. It also inspires me to do more…plant more tomatoes, blog more often…Great work, keep it coming.


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