Scenes From an Elementary School Garden

This is the time of year that I spend my weekends planting and by Monday, I’m so sore I can’t move. Today is one of those Mondays. My hands barely work. Instead of typing out one of the stories from our weekend of laboring at Redemption, I’m just going to post a few photos from Live Oak Elementary School’s garden. Last week we sold and donated about 35 plants to the garden. I’m sure the project director, Nesh is busy putting the plants in the ground this week, maybe she feels like I do.

I’m was excited to find out that Live Oak Elementary School has a garden. I’m sure it’s not easy to justify with budget cuts but I think it’s a very important endeavor. There are tons of studies behind it but nothing but good things happen when kids get involved in growing food.

We are proud to support projects that connect kids with their food. We like anything that unplugs our children and gets them outside connecting to their food. If you know of a non-profit garden project in need of plants, let us know, we would be happy to donate plants or other things they may need.


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