Seedling Sale Update

Thanks to my Sister-in-Law’s masterful marketing, the mystery seedlings are almost all sold, I’m down to tomatoes only. What was once a tragic mistake (see the story of the mystery seedlings here) has actually turned out to be kind of fun. Craigslist has brought some really fun people into our lives. I have met a few brave souls, who endured their neighbors chastising, in order to remove their front lawn and put in a vegetable garden. I have met former farmers who now live in the city. I’m about to meet a program director for a kids gardening program at a local school. I guess an entertaining story like the mystery seedling incident is bound to attract interesting people. Raising  mystery plant does take an adventurous sort of person since it’s highly unlikely that the tomatoes will be red or even a tomato, for that matter.

If I had been smart, I should have got their information and put them on a mailing list for next year. I don’t intend to grow everything as a mystery but I might grow some as mystery plants, just to keep the adventure going. If I don’t, I may not meet any more cute little boys, like the kind who decorate my sun hat with all the yellow dandelions that he can find.


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