Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exagerated

You want to know where I’ve been? Me too. Let me see if I can explain my extended absence from the blog.

Aliens? Not unless you count the hairless cat.

Was I traveling the world? London, Paris, Rome, Prunedale? One out of four would be correct.

Oh, I know! Midterms, packing, and plant propagating. There have also been some significant weather events that have kept me at work more than normal.

Perhaps you heard about the tsunami? Perhaps you observed the tsunami first hand? Then we had fires, floods and mudslides, all in the same week. Needless to say, I was exhausted after that but since there’s no rest for the wicked, I also have to contend with midterms (someday I’m going to get an actual degree. Maybe when I’m 40.) Somewhere in all the madness, I found time to re-pot 1000 seedlings, redo the lighting system in the grow room and I’ve been marketing seedlings like crazy. As part of my marketing scheme, you can now find us on Facebook:

Click here to be a fan of Redemption Organics on Facebook.

I also realized there’s no way to contact me from the blog other than commenting. I’m working on creating a contact page for the ranch but in the meantime, you can always contact us through Facebook (though I recognize not everyone Facebooks. Those of you who don’t will have to wait just a bit while I figure out what to do.)

Fun story: While I was on blog hiatus, we ran out of propane. Propane fuels out heater, stove and at the time, we thought it fueled out hot water heater. In typical fashion, the propane ran out at 5:15pm on Friday, just after the Propane office had closed. It was also one of the coldest weekends we had this winter. We spent the weekend bundled up in the bedroom or hanging out in the grow room, which I call the beach. It’s always sunny and warm at the beach. It’s where I go to shake my Seasonal Affective Disorder. We would go in the grow room, warm up, come back out to eat ice cream and read in bed.

As you can see, I’m reading up on chicken rearing. It’s been a long time since I’ve had chickens and the refresher course is welcome. Dave has never had chickens but he’s going to wait and glean his knowledge from me.

Because we were sure we our hot water heater was propane, we refrained from showers for three days. Boy didn’t we feel like greasy nincompoops when we realized that the hot water heater is electric and we could have been in a warm bath for three days, instead of freezing in the bedroom. That’s one of those things that wasn’t so funny when it happened but we can laugh about it now that we’re warm and we smell nice.

I do have more posts planned for this week. It’s spring break, so I should have some extra time to do some blog maintenance.


Marianne's Northern Oregon Blackberry is my favorite!




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