All Hail My Husband- King of the Underbrush

Check out this meadow:

All of those low, gray piles are debris left from my most wonderful and talented husband taking down all the Acacia trees. Where you see piles of brush was where the view stops, now we can see five more acres than we could before. In fact, today is a day for celebrating because Dave took down the last known Acacia tree on the property. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t thousands of seeds on the ground wanting to sprout but I can hack down tiny trees  with my pointy-tip hoe.

There I was appreciating the view, when my husband arrived driving this:

It’s  truck wearing a ghillie suit! This is Dave’s patented Prunedale method of brush removal. All of this is brush is being relocated to a safe-burn area. Next week, when it’s legal to burn again, Dave will be sparking up some 30 foot piles of debris. Unlike Santa Cruz county, there’s no limit to the size of burn piles you can have in Monterey. Oc course, that doesn’t stop your neighbor up the hill from calling the fire department. Last week, he had his first encounter with North Monterey County Fire. Needless to say, he name dropped in order to buy himself some time to find his burn permit. everything turned out OK. We’re legal and we didn’t start the fire. It’s been burning since the world’s been turning.

Stay tuned this week as I will be starting pepper seeds and admiring the view even more. In the meantime, admire this:


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