Greeting and Salutations from the Goat

I see you’ve met Fin the Goat. Or if she’s looking especially regal, Fin du Goat. Or if she’s screaming at 7am, Finnegan Goat (followed by “Shut up!”) Regardless of what I call her, she always does the same thing:

She puts her head up and gives me the floppy eared, goat eye. If I’m on the balcony, she’ll turn her head all the way up, and her huge ears open outward, like the Flying Nun. Her cuteness kills me.

Finn came to us by way of my sister-in-law, while I was on vacation. My sister-in-law got a horse from Horse Plus Humane Society and knowing that we needed a companion for Sheldon, decided to get  goat, too. Finn was surrendered after getting attacked by a neighbor’s dog, twice. When she first came home, she limped. Dave pulled out a farrier term and called her serviceably sound but after being chased around by an over-amorous Sheldon for several days, she worked out her kinks. Now she leaps deftly from high places, in order to get away from Sheldon, just as a goat should.

Finn is a Boer goat crossed with Saanen goat. The Boer goat gives her the color and the floppy ears, the Saanen adds the Flying Nun factor to her ears. It’s true, look it up. Functionally, the cross creates a meat goat that is also a good to be a good milk producer. Dual delicious and nutritious. Since Finn is a rescue, I have promised not to eat her but we may one day use her for a milk goat. She’s also just too endearing to be eaten. If you are going to eat cute animals, you really have to go in with that mindset. Who could eat this:

She’s a bit of a supermodel but she’s too shy to know it. She follows me all around the pen but she doesn’t really want me to touch her. I sneak a pet when she’s eating though and there’s nothing she can do about it if she wants to eat. Sophie’s choice.

Sheldon is completely smitten. He has discontinued his nefarious and disturbing affair with Chaos in order to focus on Finn full-time. He doesn’t really understand that no means no so for the first week Finn was home, there was a lot of screaming happening. Finn being a lithe goat would run from Sheldon, gracefully leaping from high places and continuing on without missing a beat. Sheldon, being a dumb sheep would try to follow. I’m surprised he didn’t break his neck jumping falling off the sheep bunker. After a week, they found common ground: taking apart what’s left of the hot tub.

They also enjoy dining together.

Please stay tuned for more adventures of sheep-goat and goat. I’m sure there will be many adventures that involve the intelligent goat leading the stupid sheep into danger.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I officially want a goat.


  2. Posted by husband on February 7, 2011 at 09:11

    Just wait a week or so Danielle, with friends and relatives like mine I’m sure something will show up here soon…

    I hear Moo has been “shopping” for a mini. And by “shopping” I mean asking her aunt for one. I figure if I keep her from Paula I’ll have a month before one shows up somewhere.


  3. Posted by Moo on February 23, 2011 at 11:55

    Auntie says she will hold one for me. 🙂


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