Barn Kitty Update

A quick update on the barn kitties. Shadow is doing well and is huge. He’s definitely the more independent of the two kittens. He like his lovin’ but he certainly doesn’t need it. Here he is lounging in the greenhouse:

Smart kitties know that even with the doors open, it’s 10 degrees warmer in the greenhouse. Skitz, the other kitten, is much friendlier. He had some issues with his, ahem, butt (it exploded) and it kind of set him back in the weight department. I can understand not wanting to eat when you’re feeling that ill. He’s fully healed now but still much smaller than his brother. I was thinking of trying to find him a nice home (with Paula) but I don’t want to leave Shadow all alone. Skitz follows me around the yard, darting in an out of my feet. He is such a sweet little guy. He doesn’t even mind that I squeeze him (lovingly.)

He’s also strikingly handsome like his mother. Speaking of, his mother has been living at our neighbor Mike’s house. He recently reported finding a lite color cat with no tail and dark points. I can’t imagine there are two cats that look like her in the area. That makes me feel better knowing that she’s still around. I’m on a mission to catch her again and relocate her to our house. I’m not even sure if that’s possible but I’m going to try.

Ballzy, remember him? The kitten from Pandora’s box who came home in the engine compartment?

He’s living the life of Reiley at the kids’ house. They love him too much for me to reclaim him. Ballzy’s father? Brother? Is also at the ranch but he’s a ghost cat. He’s truly feral so he’s not really social. He was trapped, neutered and released at the ranch. I think he holds that against me even though I only participated in one out of three of those events.You know how cats are. Or maybe you don’t. They’re just like women.

So clearly, I don’t have any pictures of the goat and I’m only using the above cute animal stories to distract you. I’ll work on goat photos and get back to you as soon as I do. Cheers for now.


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