While You Were out

The alternative title to this post is, “What My Husband Did on My Summer Winter Vacation.”

If you have been missing me, it’s because I’ve been on vacation for three weeks. It’s true, I took WEEKS off of work and went places. I also took three weeks off blogging. I tried to be as technology free as I could possibly be while I was gone and Dave refused to post in my absence. Technology is not really Dave’s strong point but that’s OK because while I was doing this:

My dear husband, heart o’my heart, was doing this:

That is a brand spankin’ new Harbor Freight green house. Can we take a moment to ogle my husband’s mad skillz?  (You may also ogle his biceps. I know I do.) He put that thing up in a weekend. A WEEKEND! If I had been involved, this project would have taken weeks. I would have insisted on sleeping in “just an hour longer”, eating breakfast first, stopping by Fin’s coffee on the way to the ranch, stopping work to eat lunch, going to Starbucks in the mid-afternoon and leaving before it got too dark. But Dave doesn’t function like that. He gets up early, he packs his lunch and he gets to work. The man is a machine. I think it’s the Lithuanian in him. He had the assistance of our neighbor, Mike the Contractor. The two of them deftly interpreted the instructions from China, rearranged parts and decided what spare parts they were going to need. (The green house came with a whole bag labeled “spare parts.” How’s that for quality control?) It helps that Mike is like 6’5. They saved a lot of time by not having to drag the ladder around.

The green house is just lovely. It’s build on pier block foundation (I think that’s what it’s called), has six inches of gravel in the bottom of it (Dave of course now has new friends at Aptos Rockery) and has an interesting functional design element of Eucalyptus trees trunks along the bottom that fill in the rest of the space around the pier blocks. It will soon have a walkway down the center that will be done in brick. It’s so I can parade around in the green house singing “I’m too Sexy for my Plants'” and making my tomatoes do their little thing on the catwalk. Kidding. Maybe.

So if Dave did all that in one weekend, what did he do the rest of the time I was gone? He did something even more amazing than putting up a greenhouse. He took down almost every Acacia tree on the property. Do you know about Acacia trees? In case you don’t, I’ll tell you about them and if you do know about them, feel free to lament along with me…Acacia trees were planted by the devil. Alright, they were probably unwittingly brought to the ranch in mulch or soil because their seeds live through anything. They are the bamboo of the tree world. Once planted, the mother tree produces thousands of seed pods every year and surrounds herself with new trees every season. Soon the Acacias spread and start to choke out all of the surrounding trees. They grow fast and can survive in most conditions. They are the tree cousin of Kudzu vine. The worst part about Acacia is the pollen. Every bought of warm weather, usually in the spring the trees flower, covering themselves in yellow sticky pollen. I’m allergic to most everything but I am especially allergic to Acacia. I die. I spend every Spring with swollen eyes and a sinus headache. Therefore, the Acacias must go. So Dave got his chainsaw out and went to work. He took out hundreds of trees and spent his days burning huge piles of debris. In the process, he found some lovely Oak trees that were being snuffed out by those Acacia thugs. He also found the rest of our meadow. the Acacias had grown to thick that we couldn’t see most of our meadow. Once they were removed, the view from our front porch was greatly improved. Bonus! I’ll take some photos later and post a before and after of the meadow and post them later this week.

There were some other side projects while I was gone and I’m sure after I post this, Dave will read it and remind me. He’ll also want me to post about the goat that my sister-in-law rescued and gave to us but that’s a long tale, so I’ll save it for later this week. Glad to be back and I’ll talk at you later!


One response to this post.

  1. 1) Dave is Lithuanian?! I AM TOO, OH EM GEE!

    2) I went to the ranch with my friend while you were gone and it does look great! Especially compared to what it looked like the first time I was there. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished!


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