Child Labor

Don’t tell OSHA but I’ve been forcing the kids into child labor again. Actually, I’m so evil and clever that they don’t even know they don’t want to do it. They think it’s fun. There’s a reason I’ve asked them to call me the Evil Step-Monster.

The site where we put the garden must have been some sort of free form garden at some point. Last year we noticed there were Naked Lady bulbs all over as we dug up the garden. I attributed it to a fluke and ignored the problem. I gave the bulbs I dug up to Moo who re-homed them to a different area of the property. I had no idea what vicious reproducers those bulbs are. We had seven tiny plant with flowers last year. Two weeks ago, we had this:

And that was only half of them. By the time I thought to take a photo of all the plants, we had already removed a good portion of them. The kids and I spent the better part of two hours digging the bulb out of the garden beds and the middle of the aisle way.

The ground in the garden is ridiculously hard. I took all of my strength to pry the bulbs out. It took even more of the kids strength. The Boy was hopping around on top of that shovel like crazy. We actually did have a good time and it was worth the muscle soreness the next day

I wish these things were edible. We have a whole wagon load of them. Moo says she’s going to plant them other places. I just hope she plants them in places where we won’t have to do this again. It was fun, but I can think of some other things we could be doing. Maybe I can convince them that fence painting is fun. Oh wait, I already did that. Call me Tom Sawyer. How come I don’t have this power with my adult friends? Hey, does anyone want to help us drywall? It will be really fun. Bueller? Anyone?

Maybe you just want to lend me your children instead?


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  1. Posted by husband on January 14, 2011 at 07:56

    Congratulations my dear for your blog being recognized by That’s about all I know folks. She was excited about it yesterday, but not enough to go bragging.

    Love, your biggest fan group (family).

    P.S. Yes dear, I’ll get back to work on the greenhouse…


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