Bare Naked (Trees)

It’s my most favorite time of the year. OK, it isn’t really. I hate cold and if I ever won the lottery, which I don’t play, I would follow the summer from hemisphere to hemisphere. But since I don’t play the lottery and I am eternally an optimist, (stop laughing) what I do love about this time of year is bare root fruit trees. They are everywhere. And I haaaadddd to haaaaave them. That’s the sound of me whining. We got ours from Mountain Feed in Ben Lomond. I was going to order from but I really like to support local business people. I also like instant gratification. Like, a lot.

Back in October, when Dave turned another year older (and wiser, though that doesn’t explain why he keeps saying yes to my wild ass ideas) the kids got him trees for the orchard. The only problem is, there are no trees available in October, so I had them make IOU cards with a picture of the tree they were going to get him. Not conducive to instant gratification, I know. The Boy got him pomegranate; Moo got him cherry trees; Jules got him nectarines and we waited for the trees to come in, in the winter. I was thinking of placing my order for trees from the internet but was kind of dragging my feet on it. Cold weather sucks away my will. Since my Mom is in town this weekend, we took a little trip over to Mountain Feed so I could wow her with the sheer amount of rad things they have and I happened to notice they had a whole passel of bare root trees. I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. They had every kind of tree we could possibly want. Unfortunately my Camry, though able to haul a sheep and various kinds of feed, is not quite big enough to haul trees. So I settled on picking up a tiny pomegranate tree, which is really more of a bush.

Just last week I was researching the pomegranate. We had one in Arizona when I was a kid and it would fruit like crazy but they are a desert tree and I was worried that the coastal weather would not be conducive to fruiting. I wasn’t all that interested in having a labor intensive ornamental tree so I asked Angus (one of the employees) what the deal-io with the poms. He said:

His poms produce fruit and do really well in the area, despite not having the super hot temperatures. The plants tend to grow like shrubs instead of trees so next year, after the tree gets established, we will need to prune out all of the little shoots. Gophers, which have impeccable taste, like poms also so we will take some extra precautions against the gophers while the tree gets established. He suggested putting a basket around the roots and companion planting things that gophers dislike.

Sound advice is why I go to Mountain Feed. Put that in your Home Depot and smoke it.

Now the big struggle is to figure out which way the orchard grows from here. I think we need to clear some more ground to fit more trees. I think I know what Dave will be doing this weekend while I’m on vacation. you know what they say: there’s no such thing as a free tree. Or is it don’t look a gift tree in the mouth? That didn’t me sense. That’s OK, the trees get me.


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