As we get closer and closer to moving to the ranch I’ve started to mourn the loss of my tiny, mountain house. There are so many things I love about this little house, unfortunately it’s just not practical for my family now.

I bought my house four years ago when I was relatively single. I was dating Dave but we hadn’t talked about getting married. He had his own house with enough bedrooms for his kids. I had recently acquired a kitten that was supposed to be living with his kids but had been relegated to the garage, which is no place for a paranoid, neurotic type cat. My little house has just under 900 square feet of living space, that’s perched on the side of a mountain, on a 4000 square foot lot. It has two bedrooms but only one of them is large enough for a bed. The other became my dressing room. The house was small enough that I didn’t hate cleaning it, though none the less, as soon as I could afford it, I hired a house cleaner. Every adult with a job should have a house cleaner. Who wants to spend precious time off cleaning? Unless you enjoy cleaning, in which case, are you interested in cleaning my house?

My friend Jean helped me decorate my house. Jean is a designer with a fun-loving, wine swilling, take no prisoners kind of attitude. When she sets out to fill a house with furniture, she does not mess around. She hates to shop. I hate to shop, too. It was a perfect match. We would hit a couple of antique stores, have lunch and cocktails, then hit the big box stores and call it quits, which usually involved going back to my porch and drinking some more wine, while Jean chain smoked. It was a brilliantly executed operation. Decorating my house pushed Jean outside of her comfort zone. Jean is a heritage colors, tapestry and rich color wood kind of person. I wanted color; lots and lots of color. We had some tiffs early on as Jean tried to figure out why we couldn’t just paint the walls brown or some shade she had used many time before but after a few days of mulling it over, she came up with some brilliant color options including the best thing in the whole house, a magenta wall. It’s the most beautiful take on a red accent wall. It’s both surprising and understated. (Much more than one would think for magenta.)

We also painted a gorgeous hutch that I absolutely love. The color is called pool blue. I want to fill my whole life with this color. I wanted to paint my bathroom this color above the wainscoting but I never got around to it. I think that’s the thing about painting: if you don’t do it all at once, it may never get done.

There’s a lot of stuff happening on that hutch. My husband keeps adding things, much to my chagrin but he has a good point that there’s no where else to keep most of that stuff. No where to grow was one of the reasons to move.

One of Jean’s many geniuses is that she’s a master of reusing things I already had. We bought some vases and such at Ross but she drew a lot of inspiration from drawings I had done that were framed in cheap-o frames that I had painted with acrylics, my Oaxacan wood sculptures and my vast collection of books, which grew as I stole more books from her. (Sorry Jean, I don’t even know anymore what’s yours and what’s mine.)

Jean moved across the country recently. She’s finding herself in a southern coastal beach town. I’m very sad that she won’t be here to help me with the new house. I’m not sure how I’ll survive painting and shopping without her wine and humor. I’s one of the reasons I’m sad about leaving my mountain house.

One of the other reasons I’m sad to leave is this:

And this:

There are no Redwoods in Prunedale. There are also no neighbors directly below us who can see into my changing room but still, there’s no view of the valley from on high.

They say (whoever they are) that all life changes, even really positive changes like the birth of a child, getting married or moving to a fabulous ranch, will cause mourning. I supposed for every positive change, we still have to give up something that we loved. Like a magenta wall.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by husband on January 4, 2011 at 21:37

    I will mourn the Boulder Creek Brewery. Worlds best onion rings and the burgers are not bad. Oh, and the hard cider!!!

    Maybe Danielle wants to try it out next time she’s here and Sarah I’m sure would like to go again. Oh and Randy and Kat will want to go during the Boulder Creek Wine festival. And those kids. Those kids like it too. Maybe Ted. No, Marsha says no Ted…


  2. Danielle likes onion rings, burgers, and hard cider. So yes, Danielle wants to go.

    PS Marsha, cute house! Good thing you can bring that stuff with you, and repaint šŸ™‚


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