Oh, Christmas Tree

I’m really in a ranting sort of mood but I think for the sake of my readers, I should lighten up. I’ll save my tirade about the farce that is organic certification and instead, I will tell you the tale of this year’s Christmas tree.

Dave and I have been hemorrhaging money into the house. Couple that with buying Christmas gifts and we are broke. The thought of dropping a lot of cash on a disposable tree that would last for two weeks was entirely unappealing. We had also planned to be in the new house by Christmas and frankly, I was pouting about it. We were mulling over the possibility of not getting a tree (as in, would that ruin our children’s lives) when Dave came up with a brilliant plan. We could search the ranch and find a sad little Charley Brown tree. We would both not have to spend money on a tree AND we would bring Christmas at the ranch to us. Bingo, Bob!

A hunting we did go. We found a tree that may or may not have been on our side of the property line. Of course, poaching is a right of passage in some cultures. The tree was 13 feet high and had about 15 branches on it. All of the kids took a turn helping with the chainsaw.

Then they all worked together to push the tree over.

If the kid in front doesn’t look familiar, don’t worry. He’s not ours. He belongs to our neighbor and was hanging out with The Boy for the day.

The tree hunters with their kill:

I have to say, once we got it home and decorated, it looked better. The tree has a really fun curvy trunk although the shape of the branches posed some challenges when hanging the lights. Most of the lights are wrapped around the trunk of the tree.

I keep hearing the Charley Brown Christmas piano playing in my head. You know the song? If you don’t, don’t go looking it up. It will stay in your head for weeks and you’ll have visions of that little shuffling dance all the Peanuts characters do.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by jules on December 29, 2010 at 21:47

    i look like i’m pushing whats-his-face off the tree and holding Davey up right……..well all is well in redemption and Christmas trees. even though i don’t know what it means cause i made it up just now…..


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