The Swing of Things

I guess winter vacation is over, at least that’s what my husband says. He has demanded I get off my duff and get to blogging. Before you start directing me to the nearest women’s shelter please know that 1) my husband never really demands (unlike me) and 2) he does all the laundry, dishes and most of the housework as well as fixes everything I break. At some point I have to hold up my end of the work side of the relationship.

I’ve been working really hard on making the business side of the ranch come together. I haven’t had much choice since the permit to build side isn’t coming along at all but more on that later. I don’t want to start the day with a bitter heart. One of the biggest decisions I’ve come to is that there has to be a business side of the ranch. Not because I think it’s going to make mad amounts of cash; in fact I would settle for pays-for-itself. I think it’s necessary to continue to propagate the idea of responsible farming for local communities.

I had come up with a brilliant plan that involves small heritage meat animals because our land won’t support cows, gourmet heirloom produce that  you can’t get anywhere else, and of course honey, since bees are the key to taking over the world. I also have some other educational projects that I’m brewing up but I don’t have conformation that I can make those happen yet so I don’t want to talk to much about it. The plan was solid. Nay! Brilliant! There I was, thinking I was so very clever to come up with an all heirloom, gourmet, exclusive CSA project when I saw this:

South Paw Farms new CSA program

I had a moment of doubt. I thought, if they are doing it, I can’t do it, too. That would be copying. Then my logical side kicked in and gave me a stern talking to. It said, firstly, Marsha, it’s not copying. You aren’t in the second grade trying to decide which president you’re going to do your report on. Secondly, much like presidents of whom there is a limited amount, there is a limited amount of ways to sell vegetables; you will both occupy a niche market. Thirdly, weren’t you just preaching to yourself about how important it is to spread the word of local farming? Maybe you could actually walk the walk and start a dialogue with others in the same field. Fourthly, it sounds like South Paw Farm is ready to open doors and you don’t even HAVE doors.

My logical side is so…logical. So now that I’m at peace with not being the only person with really good ideas (it’s a side effect of being an only child)  I’m actually very pleased that South paw is going down this same road. I’m hoping those who work there will be open to sharing ideas, successes and failures. Those who choose to stay small and local will always fight the battle of being more expensive and not always available when customers want stuff. Best to have a network, a support group if you would, of like-minded people. So while you’re waiting for The Garden of Good and evil to start turning out veggies and goats, check out South Paw Farm or any other local, fun farm and consider the possibility of never having to eat another waxy, out of season, bland, Safeway cucumber again.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks Marsha, I’m honored! You CAN do it, too, I think there’s more in the “jumping right in” than anything else… hopefully I won’t eat those words come mid-summer 🙂

    Stop by any time for a ginger beer or limoncello and we’ll dish about farm life…


  2. Posted by jgyllenhammer on January 4, 2011 at 06:46

    One major key to success in any venture, is to not compete, but rather to support, praise, enjoy and share with others doing what you are doing. So a BIG kudos to both of you, and I wish you both the utmost success AND fun!


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