Victory Over the Fence

We finally declared victory over the pasture fence. It’s true; we finally finished the fence. And I have to say, it wasn’t all that hard. Had we known how easy it was, we might have finished a long time ago. The worst part was sinking the posts. Once we started attaching the railing, it took us two short days (as opposed to two long days.)I think it helped that our neighbor Mike came over to help us. He’s a contractor and his ability to work faster than us probably shortened the ordeal by hours.

The fencing is by Centaur. It’s vinyl coated wire that flexes but still looks like flat boards from a distance. It come in 660 foot rolls. We loaded the ATV with the Spinning Jenny and the rolls of fence board. Then the men had to decide the best way to get the fence unrolled. Here they are having a summit:

The weather the exceptionally hot for November so we all made a point to wear sun protection and drink water.

The kids hung out in the shade and hated us for making them work:

Piece by piece, the fence went together. We unrolled 600 feet at a time, locking them into the brackets as we went. First we did the lowest “board”:

Then the second board went on:

Then the third board went on. The end of the boards terminate at a barrel tensioner that tightens the fence. Before the fence is tightened it looks like this:

By the end of the day we were tired:

I’m really happy with how the end product looks. I can’t wait to get some horses in that pasture.

But first, we have to get some debris out of the pasture. Come on burn season!


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    P.S. Dave looks uber hot when he doesn’t shave.


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