Fall Photo Edit

I am slowly but surely learning about Gimp. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Gimp is open source photo editing software. Open source means it’s free and free is perfect for those of use who are hemorrhaging money into a ranch remodel. So far, here is what i have:

A lovely edit of the Redbud tree in fall:

I think all I did was crop and boost the color. I also think Moo took that photo. if I don’t credit her, she’ll hold it against me for the rest of her life. ‘Tweens are like that.

Actually, that’s all I have. I posted a photo of Blue Piggie the other day that was edited and I have a photo of Chaos that I entered on to Pioneer Woman’s photo contest this week but it’s me and 30,000 professional photographers. I stand no chance.

I can’t get the Chaos photo off Flickr. Typical. Please enjoy today’s other post, coming up at 1800 (That’s 6pm for those of you who don’t speak 24 hour time.)


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