Redemption Updates

Here’s the top news from the ranch:

1) Winter is here but we’re still not there. (At the ranch that is.)

2) We put in a gate on the back road. I know, you want photos. Patience young Padiwan.

3) We’re resubmitting our permits. Dave would like me to point out the ridiculousness of the permit process. They make you jump through hoops of fire, beg and grovel, resubmit again and then they absolve themselves of all responsibility if the job goes to shit at the end because they don’t care, it’s not their f*ing house. There was more to this rant but I can’t type that fast. It was a good rant.

4) We got an eating pig. His sire’s name is Redemption and he was born on Dave’s birthday. Clearly, it was a sign from the universe. He also has only one testicle. Again, if we’re open to it, there are signs all around us.

5) Based on the pig’s sire’s name and the testicle situation, I’m thinking of calling the pig Testi-fy. Get it? There’s some religious reference because of the sire’s name and then there’s the part about…oh never mind. If you have a better name idea, please let me know.

6) The female barn cat is long gone. I choose to believe that she ran to the nearest neighbor’s and is living the live of  beautiful house cat. I choose not to consider the alternative.

7) The garden is nearing the end of its life. I have to pull it out but I’m avoiding.

8) I have to sacrifice the winter veggies. Since we aren’t going to be at the house before the first freeze, I’m not going to be able to tend the veggies. Oh well. There’s always next year.And the year after that. And the year after that…


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