I’ve been waiting to tell you all about the barn kittens but I wanted to have some photos to share. The kittens, like everything else on the ranch have a story. They were beloved family members, born and bred in a house. However, the house had other cats and the household was going through some changes. Cats, are not especially good at navigating change. This is why you almost never see a cat at the executive management level. They really don’t function well above line level supervisors, contrary to popular belief. These kitties, there are three, began acting out. The two boy kittens were very shy. The older year old female stopped using the litter box. The owner was a friend of a friend and I expressed some interest a while back but she wasn’t ready to relegate them to an outdoors life. However, she was singlish mom, doing the best she could do and the acting out kitties was more than she had the capacity to take at that time. So she called me. Acting-out kitties are my specialty. I didn’t tell her that. But they are. I rehab, it’s kind of my thing.

You may not know this but I have three indoor kitties. Two are hair cats and one is hairless. He’s less of a cat than a small dog in a cat suit but he is endlessly entertaining. My cats are well-trained and with the exception of the hairless heathen, they are well-mannered.

These barn kitties weren’t sure what to make of their new life. I put them in the attic above the garage for a few days before letting them out. That way they could get their cat GPS set to the right location. I also wanted them to know where they were supposed to run and hide. From here, we let them venture outdoors. So far they stay close and explore just a little bit. When I come back to the garage, they run upstairs. They must know the door is closing and they need to be in before dark. Soon I’m going to put in a cat door so they can come and go all the time but the youngsters need a little more time before they should be out after dark. curfew rules apply at our house.

That’s the black kitten. He’s more gregarious than the others. (This photo was taken on my cell phone and edited on my new photo editing software by Gimp.)

This is the striped kitten. He’s shy and likes quiet people best. He’s laying on a bookshelf that’s part of a cat city the kids built. More on this in a few.

This is the female. She’s got the part where she runs and hides, down pat. We’ll work on this. She went outside this week and refuses to come back in. I think she’ll be OK. She has good instincts to get the hell out of danger.

And this (drum roll please) is the cat city that Moo and The Boy built. They were so happy to have kittens that they didn’t come out of the garage for an entire day.


They created a system of PVC pipes that they use to pour the (bottled) water into the bowl (formerly belonging to the dog). They store the bottles of water on nails that stick out of the roof, which they use to put a hole in the top of the bottle. There are bottles of water hanging all over the ceiling. Other features of Kitty City are a canopy roof, a slide, and cat food storage area.

Isn’t imagination fun kids?



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