They Say It’s Your Birthday

Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh. We’re gonna have a good time.

Oh sorry, I was rockin’ out for Dave’s birthday. We did almost the same thing for his birthday that we did for mine: fencing. Not the kind of fencing that involves parrying and thrusting and yelling “ungarde,” more like the fencing that involves post-crete and lifting heavy objects. It rained most of the weekend so we got very little done but we did get the heavy corner posts into the ground at the edge of the property. We also think we found the property line so, SCORE! If you really want to know, I found it while ducking behind a bush to use the little girls tree. If you really didn’t want to know, I’m sorry. Finding the property line feels like we accomplished something. We have a neighbor who is going to school to learn how to be a surveyor and he said if we got some beer and a metal detector, he will show us our property lines. We have both of those, now all we need is time.

Back to the fencing, we put in posts for a gate that goes across the back road, you know, the one where people park and smoke or do “whatever.” I ordered a gate from our guy at Mountain Feed in Ben Lomond, who surprisingly, was the cheapest price out of our local farm supply stores (in case you’re in the market.) I would like pause for a moment to talk about Mountain Feed. That store is awesome. It’s a homesteaders dream. They have high quality pet food, organic growing supplies, cute crafty gifts, bee keeping supplies, canning supplies, and best of all, the people actually know what they are talking about when they give you advice. Dave says they are like the Cheers bar of feed stores. Every time he goes in there, he feels like Norm. They know us. they know what project we’re working on. They know we have a sheep in the side yard. I think they know more about what’s going on than my family does.  Although I can find things cheaper on the internet, I really like to support local businesses. So if you’re in the area, check out Mountain Feed.

Back to the fencing. We’re putting up the gate and the posts will be in and painted but we won’t have the money to put in the “rails” for a while. I went with Centaur fencing which is beautiful and has a 30 year warranty but it’s not the cheapest. It’s also super safe and will sustain a hit from a falling tree branch or a horse body without severely injuring anyone. This year, Danielle so kindly paid a year of board up front so we could build the first pasture. Next year I’ll need two boarders to pay up front because the second pasture is twice as big. I wonder what dave’s doing for his birthday next year…and the year after that…and the year after that…

Happy birthday, Honey!

On a side note, we have a new barn kitties. I love them and want to squeeze them but they aren’t hip to being squeezed. The best part about these kitties is they have no tails! I have photos but I seem to have misplaced my camera. As soon as I find it, I’m going to tell you all about the barn kittens!


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