Piles of Bricks

Dave and I both came into our marriage with piles of bricks. No, this is not some sort of euphemism. We both had a lot of bricks and neither of us knew why. Dave bricks had moved four times; my bricks had only moved twice. I don’t know where Dave’s bricks came from but I got mine on Craigslist. They also came with some cement pavers and those ruffly looking bricks you can use for garden edging. The only thing I used from that pile of rubble were some of the edging thingies. I was actually thinking of getting rid of the bricks on Craigslist, then I met Dave and he helped me realize that I had to keep the bricks. Someday, I would need those bricks, through neither of us knew when or where that may be. In retrospect, we have a mental illness and we both feed into the others’ delusions but thanks to our quest to buy land that’s in less than stellar shape and a house that’s well, barely a house at the moment, we may be able to justify our delusion and give hope to the countless other people who keep moving piles of bricks from one house to the next. We are going to build a barbecue.

I can feel that you are as excited as we. In preparation, we have moved our bricks to Redemption.

That’s them, all neatly stacked. That is the blessed union of Dave’s bricks and mine own. They are sitting in the front yard. Very Prunedale chic.

Behind our well-organized bricks is another set of bricks in a big pile. These bricks came from a very old looking barbecue that was located in what is now the chicken yard. I considered leaving it there as some sort of macabre joke but reusing the bricks won out over inappropriate humor.  The used bricks were painstakingly removed by our friend David Brenner. We call him “Brenner.” Brenner used Dave’s masonry tool and removed each brick, one at a time. It was manly, sweaty work. It was good for the soul. (If anyone is interested, we have more manly, sweaty good for the soul type work.)

We have one more set of bricks that we have yet to remove.

This is a second fireplace that was covered up with walls and partially removed a long time ago. My guess is it was the original fireplace that was used in the kitchen. Either it was removed when the appliances were installed or it became unstable after one of the earthquakes. The base of the fireplace is still under the house and it’s about three feet to the side of the chimney of the fireplace. I briefly considered putting this fireplace back together and using it in the kitchen then realized that was cost prohibitive and the chances of me ever using it would be mostly non-existent. We’re going to remove this wall so the remaining chimney has to come out. We’ve been avoiding that because it means exposing a hole in the roof which will have to be covered with either roofing material (the correct and time-consuming answer) or a tarp ( I just can’t handle that. It’s too cliché.) However, at the rate it’s taking the county to approve our plans, we’re going to have more than enough time to remove the chimney and fix the hole in the roof.


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