Fall Arrived

For those of you in central California who were cruising around last week in capri pants and flip flops I ask, what the hell just happened?!  I know, in all reality, you are still wearing flip flops, because that’s what people from California do but I’m guessing you broke out your hoodie sweatshirts.

For those of you who are not on the central coast, I’ll fill you in. In September, we had record high temperatures. October carried more heat. My pepper plants went nuts, shooting up two feet in a matter of weeks and filling their lives with peppery goodness. I have so many, I had to start storing them in alternative places.

Last week, many of my winter veggies finally gave in to the heat. The snow peas are all dead and some of the broccoli rabe didn’t make it through the last heat wave.

The tomatoes took advantage of the last of the sun and produced a glut of tomatoes. I though they were all dying back so I quit watering them three weeks ago. The result was accidental dry farming and the fruit was especially delicious.

Yes, that is a five gallon bucket of tomatoes. I was in the process of sorting them out.

All that summer sun and heat was compressed into two months but now overnight, it’s winter. It started with fog. We had two days of thick fog, which is not unusual when it’s been especially warm here. The bay likes to keep things on the cold side of temperate. Then we had a surprise bout of rain. Usually rain is met with a big to do. we know it’s coming weeks ahead. We talk about it with everyone. “Hey, did you hear it’s going to rain this week?” “That’s what I heard. My yard sure does need it.” “Yep, we haven’t had rain since spring.” This rain was not met with any fanfare. It arrived home like a Vietnam vet. No cheering, no ticker tape. No shelter for the sheep.

Today, I’m scrambling to get rain proof blankets to Prinz and Cholla and I have to buy one for my gelding. Sheldon need adequate shelter that he can’t knock down. I need storage bins for my garden bed amendments that won’t let the moisture in. Then I have to get online and buy frost blankets for the plants because if the rain is here, the frost is not far behind.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Joe The Plumber on October 22, 2010 at 21:22

    You know you can buy them in the store as you need them. Glad to see that the garden has come through to save you from stravation


  2. Lucky you to get those tomatos. My plants are still covered with green ones. Guess I’m out of time.


  3. Posted by ma / gramma on November 27, 2010 at 12:57

    Ace, your favorite place also sells frost cloths


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