Monday Dog Day

Again, it’s Monday. I feel like this happens every week. I have a math test later tonight, which seems about right. Have a happy dog:


One response to this post.

  1. It’s late so I’ll save the bulk of my comments for another time. I just want you to know I spent the most enjoyable couple hours I have spent in a long time reading your blog and catching up on your life. J. H Christ you really can write. I’m Impressed. Actually it didn’t take two hours to read it all, however I got sucked into the Garden and Guns website an had to force myself to leave.

    I do have a piece of farming news I haven’t told you about. Last we I received a letter from the Arizona Farm Bureau, inviting Sue and I to spend the evening at the Carefree Resort, attend the Farm Bureau’s annual dinner get together and accept their Print Media Journalist of the Year Award…pretty cool. All that stuff I have been writing about sustainable agriculture, the valley’s growing wine business and our messed up water issues has finally paid off.

    Love and Cheers to all…Dad


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