A Few Good men

How is it that a soon as we mention remodeling a house, all of our previously bored friends suddenly become so terribly busy? It’s like they think we’re going to ask them to help. They’re right of course though their reasons are transparent.

Dave has been finishing off the last of the interior work this week. It’s almost like putting stuff back together though not to the extent I would like. We have been sealing the cracks in the walls with foam (by we, I mean Dave), the precursor to the insulating that will come later. His last big hurdle is moving the heater from the hallway, into the attic. There are no stairs so this delicate procedure will involve someone standing in the rafters pulling while someone else stands on the ground and pushes, possibly while standing on a ladder. The party up top has to not fall, while the party below will have to avoid getting crushed. I don’t know why we can’t wind a friend willing to help with this. You know, before I was married, I could have found six men willing to do this. I guess this sort of thing is harder to market without the “hope” aspect.

So, if anyone knows anyone who wants to help with this, let me know. I’ll buy dinner.

*Dinner as defined in this legally binding document refers to pizza and a beverage. No actual cash value. Offer expires once services are rendered.


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