Potting Up

We had to pot up the favas. the situation was out of control and they had taken over the seed starting tray. Every day I would come home and find the favas laying on all the other plants. They were stifling the onions like elementary school thugs. But it’s not their fault; they were just misunderstood.

Since I took all of the gardening supplies to the ranch and the seedlings are at the house AND I was too impatient to wait until we went to the ranch later that day, I went to Mountain Feed (the best farm supply place in the land) and picked up potting soil and 1 gallon pots. I just used “and” four times in that sentence. I’m going to leave it that way so you know who I really am, bad grammar and all. I’m digressing again…I use Sunland potting soil. They are a local company, I can buy it up the street, it’s consistently good. I used the same company when I ordered 30 yards of soil (which is a lot of soil, in case you were wondering. it comes in a big dump truck.)

Jules helped me. Potting assistance counts toward her cell phone bill and it’s easier than home demolition. She’s pretty much an expert potter now; back fill, drop in the plant, fill to the top with soil, tap-tap-tap to settle the soil, water. I like the rhythm. It appeals to my OCD side.

Because I didn’t have any of my potting supplies, I waited too long to pot the favas. I had to dismember some of their roots to get them in the apart. It was really precarious.

They looked root bound but seem fine now. They are thriving and surviving on the front deck. This winter, we will have delicious fava beans.


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