Free Stuff

My husband is not afraid to ask for free stuff. He does the grown up version of, “Are you going to eat that?’ He has absolutely no qualms about saying, “Hey, I noticed that _______ hasn’t moved in the last six months. Can I have it?” When he does that in my presence, I have to walk away because it’s horrifically embarrassing. But even through the shame, I can admit that he has scored some cool swag but it’s still embarrassing. The most amazing part, is most of the time, people give him what he asked for!

The best thing he got for the ranch is a dump truck. One of his clients is Julie Packard’s husband and the horses are out at Elkhorn Ranch. Dave had been going out there for several months and had noticed a dilapidated dump truck sitting in a corner of the ranch. So being himself he asked if they were using it and if not, could he have it. I’m pretty sure I know exactly how the ranch hand felt when he said, “I don’t know. I’ll have to ask the boss.” I’m sure he was wondering if he heard that right. He might have been wondering that for two reasons. One, who asks for a dump truck. Two, who asks for that dump truck. It was, what one may call an eye sore. Still is. The only difference between then and now is it’s now an eye sore in our yard. Our friend Denise, who works at Elkhorn Ranch did a lot of work to get that title signed over for the cost of two sets of horse shoes. Here’s the dump truck is in all of her glory:

When you slam the door, rust rains down from the ceiling and the driver’s side window won’t roll up. I shouldn’t knock that dump truck. It’s been amazingly handy. We took three loads of house matter to the dump in it and saved ourselves thousands of dollars in dumpster rental fees.

The dump truck is currently out of commission. Something in the drive line leaked out all of its fluid but even when she’s not running, she’s still useful. Now she’s providing security for the garage that has no functioning doors by blocking the entrance. That way no one can steal my Craigslist bathtub.

The other, um, interesting thing Dave got for free was a horse trailer. I know that sounds impressive but you and I both know, there’s no such thing as a free horse trailer.

She’s not much to look at but I think all she needs is a shot of Rustoleum and a new floor and we can be hauling livestock all over the place. The fun thing about this horse trailer is the former owners had a bet going. The wife said she could get rid of that eye sore before the husband would ever get around to moving their propane tank. He said, no way is someone going to talk that hunk of junk. Clearly, he had never met my husband or he would never have said something like that. I’m sure if my husband is like this, there are hundreds of other husbands just like him. They’re all over Craigslist, waiting to claim your trash treasures.


3 responses to this post.

  1. One man’s trash…. etc. etc.

    Thanks for the A – Mazing potatoes! YUM!!!!


  2. Posted by Moo on September 23, 2010 at 19:46

    there’s HUGE rust holes in the dump truck that you can fit a small boy head (The Boy) into………(i’ll go with the alien abduction thing instead.)


  3. Posted by Moo on September 23, 2010 at 19:47

    Just kidding. (Maybe…)


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