My Secret Addiction (Not Really a Secret Now, Is It?)

I have a magazine addiction. The paper kind not the ammo kind. I like to read them get great ideas and forget them immediately. I love sunset magazine, home decorating magazines, and don’t even get me started on travel and leisure magazines. I cut out recipes and pages on places I want to visit. I organize them. Sometimes, i show them to my husband who agrees, whatever that is, is a brilliant idea, thing of place. Then I put my clippings in a binder I have created, sorted by topic and never open it again. Alright, I do occasionally open it but not very often. However, as of late, with the ranch coming of age, I’ve been referring to the binder more and more. As it turns out, I’ve been collecting ideas for the ranch my entire adult life and didn’t even know it. Of course, this realization just allows me to justify my magazine addiction so when the eldest step-daughter, Jewels, brought home a magazine catalog for a school fundraiser, I immediately thought, “Oh good, I can get some new magazines for the ranch.”

Dave wants Family Handyman, a magazine of which I am very fond. We can spend hours looking at and planning for projects that we will never actually build. I think a gazebo will be the first thing we don’t build or possibly an arbor.

He was also thinking about getting the Old-House Journal. Sounds self-explanatory to me.

I was thinking of getting Progressive Farmer. I liked the title and the description but after checking the web-site, I found that those farmers aren’t making the kind of progress I was expecting. So I decided to go with Farm and Ranch Living: For Families Who Love the Land. That seems more appropriate to me.

Out of all the magazines, I was immediately drawn to Garden & Gun. The description says it’s the best of southern living. I laughed. Then I looked at the website. It actually seems like a cool magazine. My friend Beezy, who recently moved to North Carolina from Santa Cruz, might like this magazine. If you go to the website, they have what looks like a delicious tasty adult beverage recipe which involves fresh fruit and peach brandy. I do love me some south. Check out Garden & Gun here.


One response to this post.

  1. I do this exact same thing!

    My favorite line: “I think a gazebo will be the first thing we don’t build or possibly an arbor.” LOL!


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