It’s Winter Veggie Time!

The greatest tragedy of winter is that we have to start planning our winter gardens in summer, just when it starts to get warm . If you haven’t already started planting winter veggies, you’d best shake a leg. Winter will be upon us and your veggies must be ready. Winter veggies are actually my favorite. As much as I love Tomatoes and peppers, I love brussel sprouts and leeks more.

I’ve been reading a lot about four season gardening and I think if we can keep the garden draining, we’ll have a successful winter garden. In order to prepare for my first winter garden I did what I always do, I took a winter vegetables class at Love Apple Farm. I’ve read so much about winter growing that I feel like the class was a little redundant but as always, parts of it are invaluable. The class cleared up local planting dates and reassured me that we can grow carrots year round. The kids are very happy about that.

Today I started:

Jersey Wakefield Cabbage


Brussel Sprouts

Rainbow Chard

Broccoli Rabe

Snow Peas

Fava Beans

Flat Portuguese Onions

Tomorrow, I’m going to direct sow carrots, garlic and assorted root veggies.  I might also start a bed of lettuce.


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