Good News

We submitted the plans for the house, to the county, in hopes of getting a permit, on my birthday. How’s that for a run on sentence? In just two short weeks we have heard from the fire department: they say we don’t need sprinklers in the house, which is good because we didn’t have any money socked away for that anyway. We have also heard from environmental heath: they say we are good to go on our septic system. The system we have now is in the exact place that we need to put the addition and the system has no lid so there are some open spots that are just waiting to eat a child or a Dutch Shepherd.

I’m surprised that the county is moving this fast but we may be one of only a few plans sitting on their desk right now. The guy at environmental health may have approved the plans just so he didn’t have to come to the house. Dave told him if he came out he was going to have to help dig. I guess that’s why I approve Dave’s plans, too. “Whatever you want honey, just don’t make me use the shovel.”


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