Random Tuesday

I came home today to find my neighbor (one of the nice ones) visiting with my husband. She had been hearing a sheep and went on a mission to prove she wasn’t loosing it. Sheep Buddy was loving her; she fed him alfalfa pellets. I hope she keeps visiting him. He seems to like the company.

Apparently, my idea to use bees for world domination is not a new idea. I guess the X-Files had many episodes on the subject. Of course, the mode was different. I didn’t watch it but my sister-in-law was a fan and says that the bees carry a black oil in them and when they sting people, the people turn into aliens. I just want to make honey and wax crafts.

Speaking of the X-Files, there were episodes about corn taking over. We should heed the warning. Corn is taking over and no good can come of it.

This weekend we took out most of the wiring in the house. All we have left to do is the stuff in the ceiling and under the house. I’m planning on making a deal with Dave. If he does the underside of the house, I’ll do the Attic. I think there’s more wires in the attic but there’s less damp mustiness up there, too.

Chaos the Dutch Shepherd is trying to lick Hamish the Hairless Cat. He just had a bath and smells like baby shampoo and hairless cat. Chaos hasn’t had a bath in weeks. I think maybe I’ll get the kids to bathe her this weekend.

I have to go cruise Craigslist for house stuff. Today I’m searching for french doors (in 6 and 8 foot sizes), a kitchen sink and a tankless water heater.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Moo on September 15, 2010 at 18:47

    Hmmmm….. good thing it was the nice neighbor……..


  2. Posted by Moo on September 15, 2010 at 18:47

    i dont want anyone else touching my new sheep/goat friend…………


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