Bees Please

One of the things Dave and I are both excited about is raising bees. We have both been following the harrowing tale of America’s honey bees, a tale of woe. Bees are dying off faster than they can replenish their numbers. What that means for farmers is less natural pollination and more need to breed (or create) plants that self pollinate. Up until last week I hadn’t seen one bee on the property but this weekend we finally saw a few. If we have our own bee hives, we will have year round access to our own pollinators and of course, HONEY! I love honey. I love the idea of getting my crafty and creative friend involved so she can make honey related products and bees wax candles. I have a whole product line in my head. She doesn’t know it yet but I’ve already made plans for that crafty and creative friend to move from her home in Napa and set up shop at Redemption. I’ve always wanted to live on a compound surrounded by all my friends. So if you followed the progression it’s: bees, honey, lip balm, candles, compound, Redemption as a household name, world domination. I know you didn’t mention world domination but I think it’s always best if world domination comes as a surprise. As i learn more, I will be sharing the wonders of bees (they really are amazing) and the subtle undertones of my plan to rule the world. 

Our first bee visitor


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  1. Bees have changed our lives. Our fruit trees are amazing… you will love it.


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