How I Spent My Birthday Vacation. By Aztechalo

I turned a round number, evenly divisible by 10 this year. It was a big one. I’m not sad or even embarrassed, I’m excited. I was going to take a trip with husband and some good friends but at the last-minute most of my friends were broke and well, the ranch needed a few things done. Mainly it needed fencing. Yeah, it’s still not done. Nor is it done after four days of work. I’m not upset. It’s just how our life goes at Redemption.

First our friend Matt came out with his tractor to help us auger holes. It was a 50/50 split between failure and success. Half the holes augured quickly but the sand filled them back in as soon as the auger came out. The other holes were dug to six inches when the auger hit sand stone. No amount of Dave jumping on the auger would help dislodge the sand stone. Eventually, Matt gave up, drove his tractor onto his trailer and went home. Redemption might have beaten him but it would not beat us. Dave decided to try to break up the rock himself but lasted about 15 minutes before he decided that we should once again rent a skidsteer, this time with an auger attachment.

He is as bad-ass as he is good-looking. I know I said earlier that my husband is the coolest person I know (hat not withstanding) but this photo may cause you to demand he turn his crown in and give it to….

ME! That’s right, there I am, driving the skidsteer. I even augured some holes. And let me tell you, it was every bit as fun as it looked. It totally made up for having to do this…

I am stripping the bark off of the redwood trees that are our corner posts. It’s a lot like string cheese with splinters. When I originally decided to write about this I was going to make this section a whole separate post and title it, “I Missed My Calling as  Stripper” then I got a birthday card from my Nana saying she’s been reading my blog and I didn’t want her to drop dead before she got to the part where it’s a really funny pun. Actually, my Grandma wouldn’t have been shocked. It’s almost impossible to shock her and besides, puns are never funny. Actually, the real reason I nixed the post was I wasn’t sure there was enough material for a whole post. Ha! That’s almost another pun. Get it, a post about posts?

I’m sorry. I was in the sun a lot this week.

Anyway, we got a great deal from a tree company. They gave us 8 feet of tree for very little money. Of course, we had to get them into the truck, no easy task at several hundred pounds each…

Then back out again…

Then I had to strip off the bark…

Then someone (Dave) had to get them in the ground while someone (me) took pictures…

Jokes about wood have dominated our week, as have Alieve cocktails and early bed times. As for me, I’m just pleased that the fence will be in before another decade lapses.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Dude, what are you keeping up there, elephants?!

    Just looking at these pictures makes me exhausted. You, however, look radiant (as always!)

    xxx ooo


    • Posted by aztechalo on August 6, 2010 at 20:52

      I wanted an elephant but Dave said not yet. That’s OK, Warmbloods are a lot like elephants. They are equally destructive and eat about as much. And regarding growing potatoes, i htink you might be able to is you put up a tunnel over your raised bed. I think our winters are mild enough.


  2. Posted by Amethyst on August 16, 2010 at 21:30

    Marsha you ARE badass! What a way to spend your birthday… Loving this blog.


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