The Rest of the Story

I have much to tell you about the last three days and why I haven’t posted anything. Let’s just say my birthday week involved lots of manual labor. First, I’m going to finish my story about buying the house….

We closed escrow after Don worked his magic and brought my husband back from the dead. Almost immediately we started taking the house apart.

The problem with old houses is you don’t always know what’s behind the walls until you take them out. In our case there was nothing behind the walls except old wires. There was not one stitch of insulation and the dry wall was layered on top of gypsum board.

The next shot is from the dining room looking into the kitchen.

The biggest bonus was that the 1936 and beyond redwood still looked like it was milled and installed yesterday. There was almost zero termite damage and the only room with any rot was the room in which they were growing pot and watering directly on the walls and floor.

So now we’re back to where we started this story; the house has good bones. That’s good because the liver, spleen, digestive system and brain all need a lot of work. That’s OK. We know a guy.


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