Dead Men Get No Loans

After we decided to put in an offer on the house we contacted our good friend a real estate mogul, Don Hutchison and asked him if he would represent us. And represent us, he did. It was the typical rocky escrow. This is Don (left) with husband Dave at our wedding.

He worked out an offer that worked for us but it was, well, low and for some insane reason, the sellers accepted. We happily traipsed into escrow. Dave was working on financing when the credit report cam back saying Dave was dead and dead men get no loans. The credit reporting agency has mixed up Dave with his father, Dave Sr. The sellers got twitchy; I got twitchy; Realtor Don did not get twitchy. It’s just not his style. if he was concerned, he never showed it. He called the credit reporting agencies, he calmed the seller and resurrected my husband. Then he worked out the complicated finance deal. Escrow extended a month longer but at the end, Redemption became 36 acres with an electric blue house:

Husband says we have to leave to go work on the pasture fences now. Stay tuned for the part where we take all the wall board out.


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