The One

Continuing from last night’s post, There was two reasons I loved that house and knew it was “the one” when I first saw it. Dave loved it too but where I was seeing possibilities, Dave was seeing the reality of the work.

I loved the property. This is what it looked like in February. The brown building will become the chicken duplex:

The real reason I loved the house was the wood floor in the living room. As far as I can tell, it is original, 3/4 inch thick, oak. I’ve never seen anything like it. This photo can’t explain the possibility but once the floor is refinished, it will be a thing of beauty:

Just as I was starting to vibrate with excitement (I was trying to keep it in. I didn’t want to be that woman who demands her husband buy a house he doesn’t really like. You know the one? We all gossip about her?) I received a sign. Call it God, call it the Universe. Call it what ever you want. All I know is I walked in the garage and saw this:

It’s true. Dan WILL do gay stuff! My best friend is Dan. He’s gay. AND THIS HOUSE KNEW HIM! I immediately sent a photo to Dan, who as a recent Jewish convert agreed, it was in fact a sign from God. That was enough for me. I was ready to put in an offer. Dave needed a little more time to process. He needed to know there was a plan. He also pointed out that we needed a Realtor. We knew just the guy. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear the rest of the story…meanwhile here is Dan and husband, Zach:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Cool pad guys! Sorry about your Dad, Dave but glad that worked out OK!


  2. […] was only room for one queen in the castle and I was sure she was there to usurp me. My cohort Dan (remember Dan?) insisted that we should all hang out. I bristled. I avoided. I whined. Eventually, Dan got his way. […]


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