Good Bones

The house has good bones. Or at least, that’s what “they” say. They being people who know things about houses. When we bought the property, we knew the house was mostly uninhabitable (which made it slightly nicer then some places I’ve rented) and we were going to have to strip everything and redo it from the studs on up. the house has features such as mid-century plug and tube fuses:

And pine paneling. I will say, if pine paneling is your thing, this was very nice, almost one inch thick pieces of pine. Pine paneling is not my thing:

A lovely grow room where they used to grow pot, that included such features as glossy blue walls, a decorative yin yang symbol painted around the ventilation into the ceiling, its own plumbing and drain holes in the floor:

There the bathroom floor was rotting out and the “shower” had a crap tile job:

And then there was the kitchen. I don’t even know what to say about the kitchen except this is your kitchen on drugs. Any questions?

It had a second bathroom:

This is the toilet in the “guest bathroom”:

The inside of the house was…well…horrific. Except for one thing. And we will discuss it tomorrow. We will also discuss the three reasons I knew it was the perfect place for us and we’ll get an up close and personal look at the house’s bones. If Bob Avila is your guy, we have a very special post for you. Tune in tomorrow to Redemption renovation.


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