My First Paranoid Rant (And getting On Board With the 2 By 2 Plan)

This evening, Husband and I attended a talk given by Michael Olsen, author of MetroFarm, on being economically solvent by running your own farm. Essentially he was promoting a local economy through small-scale agriculture. He has some interesting ideas but nothing earth shattering. What I was really interested in was the people who were drawn to this lecture. It was a typical Santa Cruz activist event. There were your standard Santa Cruz hippies in their finest organic hemp wear, there were the Valley survivalists and there were some local farmers, one of whom is from a local family which has been farming here since the 1800’s! And there sat husband and I wondering if we showed up to the wrong event. Turns out, we fit in just fine because we were all there for one reason, we wanted to hear about how our government is undermining our food supply and how to stop “them”.

That right. I was there for a healthy dose of distrust in our government. I think it’s important. Also, I’m a little paranoid about our food supply. OK, more than a little. I’m paranoid enough that I won’t eat produce from out of country and my step kids know we don’t buy processed foods made with corn.  I believe this country’s food supply is in big trouble. Do I agree that this is the first step toward communist control of our country and we’re all falling in line to march happily down the road to Stalingrad? Of course not. If I did I would be caching weapons and forming up my own government now. Wait. I don’t want to give away my plan. You know…In case “they” are reading this.

So what am I doing about this paranoia (other than going to gun shows)? I’m going to support Mr. Olsen’s 2 by 2 campaign. The two by two campaign is easy for most people to do. You make it a point to spend $2 a day on locally produced food. At the most, that’s $62 a month (in case you’re bad at math.) Then you convince two more people to do the same. Add it all up and pay it forward and local food economies could be the backbone for communities (like the good old days in Mesopotamia.)

I for on will be putting my money where my mouth is.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…


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