The Garden of Good and Evil

There are things growing in the Garden of Good and Evil! We have toiled and labored and finally, we have veggies…well, unripe veggies but there’s lots of potential. Our veggies are planted in raised garden boxes, crafted from locally milled redwood. I decided to go with the raised boxes because growing veggies can’t be my full time job. Raised beds keep most of the weeds at bay and mean that I never have to till the wild ground beneath my beds.  Before designing my garden beds, I took a class at Love Apple Farm on garden bed design and construction.

The yard of this house hasn’t been improved for at least the last 10 years. I chose the only semi flat, somewhat clear, not flooded area to start the garden. Since it’s a kitchen garden, it’s also conveniently located right behind the house.

First we put up a fence to stop the vicious blood sucking deer…

I went to war with the roots…

We employed child laborers (who owe me money for cell phone downloads)…

And finally, we have a tomato…

We may all rest easy, knowing that we will eat well this winter…


One response to this post.

  1. Blood sucking deer? I once had a prolonged relationship with a blood sucking dear, but frankly, I have never heard of a blood sucking deer. That aside, I does me good to see young people tugging roots, watering shoots and and getting back to the land. It is truly the path to redemption. Press on, love, and don’t forget to send your father some tomatoes. Mine were eaten by a neighborhood cat, as best as I can tell. the rumor is that the cat, whose name is Pedro, has taken up Italian cooking. Lacking gainful employment, just like a sizable segment of the population of your now adopted state of California, the feral Pedro has resorted to stealing. Yesterday I put out a faux (I think that’s how the French spell fake) tomato plant with exploding fruit. If I find Pedro lurking about with his yap wired open from explosion I will know the problem has been solved. Until then, best wishes to you and the family.

    Love dad

    P.S. Check out the ad for “Durable Deer Fencing.” Uncanny how the advertisers have so appropriately placed their pitch. Coincidence? I think not.


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